Earth Tribe: Global Youth Movement for Environmental Action

Saving our planet together, one challenge at a time.

Taking the lead to preserve, protect and heal nature, begins together under one Earth Tribe.

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Champions for Nature

Champions for Nature

Become a champion for nature and biodiversity by developing sustainable habits for an eco-friendly and healthy lifestyle.

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Scouts Go Solar

Scouts Go Solar

Discover the power of the sun and learn about how energy and the climate are interconnected.

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Tide Turners Plastic

Tide Turners Plastic

Build healthier and more resilient oceans, lakes and lands by understanding how pollution affects every corner of the world.

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A Global Community for Nature

Our world is changing at a remarkable pace. The essence of all life on earth, nature, is under enormous threat. We are witnessing irregular weather patterns, increased natural disasters, rising consumption habits, and loss of natural habitat and species.

The Earth Tribe unites young people in a global community to become champions for preserving and protecting our planet.

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The Tribe that Enables You to Protect and Heal the Planet

Through the Earth Tribe, you will understand your own personal impact on the environment, learn how to take action in your community to improve the health of the planet, and participate in a series of exciting Challenges.

The Earth Tribe is your personal educational journey for environmental change - a global community of friends who share your passion and leadership to create a better world!

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Why join the Earth Tribe?

Global community

Join a worldwide movement for the environment with other young people working to preserve and protect our planet.

Share your story

Raise your voice and inspire your friends to care about the health of our planet.

Skills development

Develop the skills and leadership to tackle some of the most pressing challenges facing our environment.

Leaders network

Connect with a network of future environmental leaders who are designing eco-solutions for a better world.

Become a role model

Take action for the environment and become a role model through acts of service in your community.

Challenges and badges

Create your own learning journey through a series of environment Challenges and earn badges along the way.

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Your journey starts now

Your Earth Tribe journey will take you through a series of Challenges that will inspire you to care about the environment and become:

become advocate


for better choices

Young people understand Challenges connected to this learning path focus on making Better Choices and responsible habits towards consumption in rel

become champion


for nature and biodiversity

Young people understand Biodiversity and Nature in relation to good health and well-being.

become innovator


for clean energy

Young people understand how different options of energy production and consumption behaviours have an impact on climate change.

become healer


for a healthy planet

Young people engage in designing solutions and leading on actions to prevent pollution and recover water and land ecosystems.

Get inspired by young leaders around the world

“We all need to love and take care of our planet because if we don’t people and nature will get sick. Let's keep our earth healthy.”

leader manara

“This moment has shown us how vulnerable we as humans are when facing global threats to our planet. If we don’t act now, we will face an even greater environmental crisis. From now on, let’s take action, let’s do better!”

leader jimena

“Current environmental threats, mostly induced by human activities, impact the quality of life on earth. It is time we take individual and collective action right away because the more we delay, the more adversity we will face in the future.”

leader kazi

“Mother Earth gives us everything we eat, wear, use, see and makes us feel good. If we don’t take concrete action now our life on this planet won’t be possible. Action needs to be taken now. We are reaching a point of no return in this mass extinction.”

leader grecia

Saving our planet together.
Join the global Earth Tribe movement!

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